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View Blocked list on facebook

Here is how to access your list of blocked friends on facebook. You would agree that there are some friends on Facebook that might for some reasons be very annoying at some point, I have them too believe me they just post or comment whatever they like on our page and we have to put… Read More »

Hide and unhide facebook posts

Why not just hide and unhide a facebook post: It’s a lot better than deleting and losing all those hard earned likes. It’s the same process as deleting a Facebook post but the difference in this case is that instead of choosing delete, you choose to hide Facebook post. he difference between hiding and deleting a Facebook post is just… Read More »

How to deactivate fb account now

Wanna deactivate your facebook account. Here is how to do it fast. If Facebook is so boring and you are tired of all its drama, you might want to take a break from it all. So here’s what to do: Deactivating it. Check out how you can deactivate your account: How do you deactivate your… Read More »

Delete facebook page | Remove my page on facebook

Here is how to Delete Facebook Page | Delete My Page On Facebook – Remove Business Page: Facebook business page deletion is done same way as deleting a normal brand, organization or company page. You can delete your Facebook business page at any time regardless of how many likes you’ve accumulated but mind you, when… Read More »

Fast Steps to deactivate Your Facebook Account

See the Quick Steps to deactivate Your Facebook Account: In this Facebook guide, we are going to show you how to deactivate your Facebook account using the updated 2018 Facebook settings. If you are still searching for the very best and quickest way to deativate your Facebook account in the year 2017, then you should consider to read… Read More »

How to Deactivate your Facebook Account

How to deactivate and delete facebook account in 2017: Try performing this drill: Live without your Facebook account for a month! If the mere thought ran chills down your spine, imagine how difficult it would be if you had to do it in reality. In today’s day and age, Facebook has become synonymous with our… Read More »

Sign In Facebook – Quick Facebook Sign in method

How to Sign In Facebook | This message is interested in exactly how you can produce an account at to enable you to have complimentary accessibility to Facebook account profile and also to connect with your family and friends across the nation and also as well share an appropriate info with chat or Facebook video… Read More »