Login facebook account- Facebook login mobile app

facebook login mobile app: Among the most important innovation on facebook is the creation of a Facebook app. The app brings about simplicity in the logging in process using smartphones, it is very exciting.   Login To My Facebook Account This action listed below allows you login to your Facebook account so you could start… Read More »

View blocked list on Facebook

Here is how to access your list of blocked friends on facebook. Let me show you how to view your blocked list on FB. You would agree that there are some friends on Facebook that might for some reasons be very annoying at some point, I have them too believe me they just post or… Read More »

How to change facebook password

How to change facebook password: Securing your account should be important to you because it represents you, and you should be the only person who has access to it. If someone gains access to your account, or creates an account to pretend to be you or someone else, Facebook’s team could help but you need… Read More »

Facebook Sign Up – Create a New Facebook Account

Facebook sign up / Facebook Registration, Here are the steps to signing up on facebook in 2017. How do I create a Facebook account? To create a Facebook account: Go to www.facebook.com/r.php Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender. Click Create an Account. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm… Read More »

la quotes

LA Quotes – Quotes that adequately describe life in Los Angeles. These quotes captures Los Angelos. And everyone who has visited or lived in LA will sure relate. 1) I could hear everything, together with the hum of my hotel neon. I never felt sadder in my life. LA is the loneliest and most brutal… Read More »

How to add your life event on facebook

How to add your life event on facebook – Facebook life events could include Marriage, Anniversary, Graduation, Matriculation, Employment etc. This post will show you how to add your life event on facebook. Continue below: Step 1: Logon to your facebook account. Step 2: Click on your name to load your personal Facebook profile page. Step 3: Click on the… Read More »

Best Exams Wishes / Quotes

An examination is a special test to see how good somebody is at something. We have best Exam sms and Exam messages to students to wish on Exam day. Send Exam wishes and Exam greetings to your dear ones to say good luck for exams. Exam Success Wishes / SMS Exams don’t test your knowledge… Read More »